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Pat Rack's - Surf Rack - Bike - Longboard

Pat Rack's - Surf Rack - Bike - Longboard

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Pat Rack's surf rack for Bike, for Longboard type board. This Pat Rack's Bike allows you to carry your longboard in complete safety by having enough space between the 2 arms of the Rack to accommodate large surfboards (mini-malibu, longboard, SUP, etc.). The protective foam is 12 mm thick.

Dual Bracket Fixing:

1 - On the seat post (the system adapts well to all seat post diameters)

2 - On the back of the bike with 2 small side screws which are screwed on the back of the bike at the hubs of the rear wheel (thus forming a luggage rack).

Assembly is quick and easy, an Allen key is provided, the board carrier fits your bike perfectly by adjusting the retaining rods, you pedal freely without damaging your boards.

Max weight: 12kgs
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